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The 3 class series, for sleep consultants, on the 2-7 year old age group

It’s NOT that you’re a bad sleep consultant, it’s that you don’t have enough tools to successfully and confidently support toddler and preschool families. When it comes to 2-7 year olds you are navigating their behaviors and supporting them in big emotions. As a sleep consultant you are also coaching parents on parenting. It is not merely about implementing a sleep training method!

This is why I have created this 3 class series for YOU, sleep consultants, to share my knowledge when it comes to the Toddler and Preschool age group.

I have my degree in Early Childhood Education, have worked with children in various settings for over 20 years as a teacher, a nanny, an in home daycare provider, and now a sleep consultant. These experiences have made me very comfortable with and knowledgeable of the toddler and preschool age group… which has now become my favorite age group to work with as a sleep consultant.

Imagine if you could:

I can help you successfully work with 2-7 year olds so that you will have a higher success rate leading to better testimonials, more referrals, and confidently raise your program prices.

Kind words from fellow Sleep consultants:

Join me in this 3 class series to make this your reality.

Purchase Confident Consulting as a bundle and get the most for your money!!

Confident Consulting Series



Get these bonuses when purchasing all three classes as a bundle:


Class 1

Laying the Foundation

APRIL 27th



10 Foundational Keys that Lead to Success with 2-7 Year Old Clients.

Learn how I utilize my “Prep Work Plan” and build connection to increase success rate and decrease tears.

Take home bonuses: A list of suggested picture books that promote healthy bedtime habits AND a checklist of the ten foundational keys that lead to success in 2-7 year olds


Class 2


MAY 18th



How to Work Through Big Emotions
When Supporting Toddler & Preschool Clients.

Learn the process of a tantrum, the why behind them, tips to work through them, and how to hold the boundary so you can best support parents in the tough moments.

Take home bonuses: 7 tactics to work through tantrums including scripts to use in those tough moments


Class 3

“The Chair Method”

JUNE 13th



Properly using “The Chair Method”, with 2-7 year olds, at bedtime, overnight, and for naps.

Learn what to do when simply sitting in a chair won’t cut it so that you can best guide parents through nap protests/transitions, overnight wakes, and early morning wakes.

Take home bonuses: The 5 keys to having success with “The Chair Method” and an outline of the “Stoplight Method” to be used for nap strikes and quiet time implementation


These classes will lead to YOU getting more messages like these ones I have received from client families:

He hasn’t been upset at all even in the silence. I was expecting we’d be your most challenging family ever, so I’m pleasantly surprised

Another success! Both girls slept all night in their beds alone. Apparently they were ready for this!

We are very happy with this incredible progress we’re seeing!

V slept through the night again! D let her pick whatever she wanted for breakfast to celebrate and we both congratulated her!

Hi Karen, I just wanted to check in with you and tell you how grateful we are for all of your help! I can’t believe where we are with R right now- it truly is unbelievable, especially after months of multiple night wakening. She has slept COMPLETELY through the night for about the last week (OMG!). Thank you again for everything.

Tonight was one of the first nights in as along as I can remember with no tears! It was calm and easy! We talked about what she wanted to dream about and she said going to Target with mama to buy goldfish. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas!

He went down in about 10 mins. He stood and whined for maybe 30 seconds and then just laid down and was asleep shortly after. I was shocked!

The progress we’ve made is all because of your plan, so I don’t think we can thank you enough for that! The videos are also amazing

The sleep is making a huge difference for us! Thank you so very much! This has been life changing

Purchase Confident Consulting as a bundle and get the most for your money!! You will receive all 3 classes, and their bonuses in your inbox on their launch date.



No, these classes will be emailed directly to you so you can watch them at a time most convenient for you. You will receive the class, a workbook, and take home bonuses all within a google link file.

You can purchase each class individually. However, they do work together, as stepping stones, to provide you with the most information to BEST prepare you for working with this age group. You will save $$$ when you purchase all three as a series rather than individually.

Any sleep consultant looking to further their knowledge when it comes to working with the 2-7 year old age group. You can be a brand new sleep consultant or a few years into business.

Feel free to DM me on IG @winterslumbersleep or send me a private message on Facebook- Karen Winter

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