"Let me start off by saying it's not often that I write reviews unless I feel very passionate to one way or another about the thing I have used. In this case, I wish I could scream from the rooftops how amazing Karen was to work with!
We were co-sleeping with our son from birth until 4 months. He was completely dependent on me to rock him to sleep every night and even then he would wake up every 40 minutes like clockwork overnight. Needless to say, everybody in the house was exhausted.
Enter Karen.
She took every single thing into consideration as far as what I was comfortable with and was SO kind, patient, and understanding. Honestly, it felt like she cared about him the same way she would care about her own child! Anytime I had a question, I knew I could reach out with no judgment and get a honest, informative answer. Whenever we hit a bump in the road, she adjusted as needed and occasionally gave me the little push I needed. My son went from waking up every hour overnight to sleeping at least 10 hours straight nearly every single night. If he wakes up before then, he eats a bottle and goes back to sleep. To say working with Karen was life-changing is not an exaggeration! I have two other kids to keep up with and my patience was running low due to sleep deprivation. I will be recommending her to every parent that I know. Nothing beats a solid night's sleep!
If you're on the fence about using her services, I promise it's totally worth it!"

"Karen is a magician! Her attention on small details to help your little one sleep through the night is immaculate. She works with you and your baby starting with what you are currently doing and helps you make small adjustments along the way for all to be successful. Karen’s response to questions is timely and thorough. After two weeks of working with Karen all of our baby’s sleep goals were met. We couldn’t be happier or more well rested!"

"The Winter Slumber sleep plan was a godsend! My son only slept on a boppy immediately after feedings ever since he was born which worked ok when I was on maternity leave but when I went back to work from my home that was impossible. He'd wake up if I had him at my desk from the mouse clicking or typing. That affected his sleep at night and all of a sudden we all were suffering and tired. The plan gave us structure which seemed daunting at first and then we were just doing it and he was sleeping in a bassinet four times a day and sleeping through the night! A complete transformation! And Karen was the perfect support we needed: a cheerleader and professional. We felt confident with what we were doing because she was. I have girlfriends who are expecting and I will strongly encourage working with Winter Slumber when the time comes."

"We were hesitant to start a sleep schedule at first because our son wasn’t “terrible” at sleeping (or so we thought). At 9 months our son was sleeping from 9pm- 3am so that was good right? But wait, that was once a week then the other nights living on egg shells of him waking up at 1am, 2am, wide awake from 3-5, 30 min naps during day… constantly saying “he’s just tired” when he was crabby to other people, so maybe he really wasn’t the best sleeper…
We went out on a whim (one early morning after being awake for 2 1/2 hours exhausted looking for answers) and reached out to Karen!
She worked with us to come up with a schedule and routine that works for us and our son. And man has it helped!!! He now sleeps at least 10 hours a night (even has pulled a few 12s) doesn’t fight naps and is overall in a better mood throughout the day!
She was super responsive and super thoughtful! Treated us with such respect and kindness!
Highly recommend her services! My only regret is not finding her sooner!"

"Karen is simply amazing. I never imagined after 5 years, we would be able to maintain a normal sleeping routine. But we have! In just over 3 weeks, of solid systematic bedtime habits, my son is sleeping, willingly on his own. And believe me, I was certain I had “tried it all.” Karen’s approach is very, very kid friendly and allows you as a parent, to also help your little one navigate the process. If we felt a bump in the road, she was always there. Not to mention she reached out regularly just to make sure things were going well and offer more tidbits along the way. The value of extra praise in this somewhat mundane routine, was transforming. I couldn’t recommend this service more! You will be getting better sleep in no time, and your sweet child will too! Bedtime has now become a time we look forward to. Thanks, Karen!"

"Karen is a fabulous sleep consultant. She came to Center for Pediatric Sleep Management with extensive prior knowledge on this topic so she was able to complete our training with ease. She is nurturing, empathetic, incredibly smart, and supports all of her clients at the highest level. I have every bit of confidence that Karen will coach you to a better night of sleep for your entire family!"

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