Should I Hire a Sleep Consultant?

Back when I started my journey of becoming a sleep consultant, the term itself was actually quite unfamiliar to me. It was something I had to research before I was able to understand what EXACTLY a sleep consultant does. In fact, that is the most frequent question I get from friends and family. “So, what do you do exactly?” Well I’m here to answer that question to the fullest and go even further to explain WHY you should hire a sleep consultant, more specifically me! 🙂

What do you do?

I am here to provide support and individualized sleep plans to families in need of better sleep. I look at the child and family, as a whole, to decide what pathway is the best for them. This is not a one size fits all scenario, which is always the case with kiddos! Becoming well rested is about far more than just overnight sleep, but is also dependent on daytime routines, eating habits, and personalities. I take all of this, plus much more, into account when coming up with a daytime and nighttime plan.

Everything I do is done virtually via email, texts, phone calls, etc. With technology these days, and our ability to communicate almost anywhere, I can walk you through these plans, answer any questions, and help you through a bump in the road at just about any time of day! Unless of course, I am sleeping and don’t hear my text alert 🙂

Why hire a sleep consultant?

For their expertise. Sleep consultants are kind of sleep geeks. We love all things related to sleep, learning about the science of sleep, reading numerous sleep books and articles, taking numerous courses related to sleep, we live and breathe sleep. At least I do! And guess what? As a new and tired mama, you DO NOT have time for that! There are so many books and articles and groups and pages all about sleep, how are you to know what actually will work for you? What is accurate? What is most beneficial? You got enough on your plate mama, let me do that for you! Plus, I really enjoy it 🙂

For individuality. As I mentioned above in my explanation of what a sleep consultant does, it’s all about implementing a plan and a method that works for YOU and YOUR KIDDO. Go ahead and ask a mom group for help and you will get about 30 different responses. It worked for them! But may not work for you. I will give you two methods to choose from, based on your family’s unique circumstances. Once we start implementing the sleep training we can adjust it as needed as we move forward.

For accountability. Could you implement a sleep plan on your own? Absolutely! BUT it makes such a difference to have someone in your corner holding you accountable. When you are exhausted, in the moment, “giving in” or resorting to old habits may seem like the easiest option. However, when you know someone is expecting you to follow through with a specific plan you are more likely to stick to it.

For support. Sleep training is no easy task, and when you don’t have the support and encouragement to follow through you find yourself questioning if you are even doing the right thing. A sleep consultant is there every step of the way reminding you why you are doing this, that it IS the best thing for your family, and can help you change things appropriately if need be. Focusing in on the little changes helps in the process and having a cheerleader celebrating those little wins with you makes a huge difference in continuing with the process.

Why should I hire you?

I encompass all the above noted reasons to hire a sleep consultant PLUS I meet you where you are, I give zero judgement, I can relate to what you are going through because I’ve been there myself, I am flexible, and I am in this to help more families become well-rested! I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and have worked with children in various settings. This makes me very well-rounded when it comes to all things child related. I get how crazy mom life can be and am willing to do whatever it takes to give you one less challenge when it comes to your beautiful child.

I challenge you to commit to becoming well-rested and schedule a free discovery call with me, so we can chat about how I can best help you achieve this goal!

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