S.O.S Mentorship


Go from panicked and feeling like your suggestions aren’t working to calm and assured your client WILL meet their sleep goals when you purchase my S.O.S Mentorship! Within 24 hours of payment I will tell you exactly what to do and say to reach success with your current client.

Additionally, I will set you up for future success with similarly aged clients so that you get those 5 star reviews and can confidently continue to help clients reach their goals time and time again.



  • 7 days Voxer support, beginning within 24 hours of signing on
  • One 45 minute call to be used within your 7 days to discuss in detail your current
    challenging client
  • My proven “Prep Work Plan Template” for future toddler and preschool clients
  • Review of your current client’s sleep plan, with detailed edits and revisions, to adjust
    for future 2-7 year-olds
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