Two-Week Sleep Consultation


Two-week Sleep consultation package 

  • A detailed written sleep plan specific to your family and child
  • Two weeks unlimited text and email support
  • Two 30 minute phone calls

Schedule a free sleep assessment call HERE to learn more about how my program can help you reach your sleep goals


How it works:

  1. Once hired, you will fill out a family information questionnaire and Karen will have a consultation call with you discussing your family information, current sleep habits, and go over goals for your child’s sleep
  2. Karen will then write up a detailed plan of action that will give you step by step directions on how to follow through. This will include directions for bedtime and night wakings, a solid nighttime routine, daytime schedules, nap strategies, and other ideas to put into place for better sleep based on your specific circumstances and goals
  3. You will have the opportunity to go over this plan via a 30 minute phone call and can schedule another 30 minute call at any point during your two weeks. For two weeks you can contact Karen at any time via text or email with questions, updates, clarifications, etc. and she will continue to guide you through the plan based on whatever may arise
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