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Children in the 2-7 year old age group go through many changes that can disrupt sleep and cause bedtime to be tough and overnight wakes to be frequent. In many cases they rely heavily on their parent’s assistance in order to fall asleep at bedtime or back to sleep when they wake overnight. Leaving everyone very tired.

I have created this masterclass to help you, the parents of 2-7 year olds, learn what you can do in order to make bedtime a peaceful time filled with lots of connection.

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Get ____ pages of guidance on what exactly needs to be done in order to move towards full nights of independent sleep. These plans will keep you on track and will be an easy resource to utilize, and refer back to, moving forward. Coupled with my Masterclass you will be well on your way to raising restful kids



In this class I will be teaching you how to best prepare your little ones bodies for sleep and how to teach independent sleep skills using two different sleep training methods so that your child can fall to sleep at bedtime and back to sleep overnight without you even being in the room.

Once those skills have been learned and put into action everyone in your home will be getting full nights of uninterrupted sleep equating to happier days and healthier human beings. You will walk away from this masterclass with all the tools and knowledge necessary to start making big changes in your family’s sleep habits! Allowing you to have your coffee purely because you want it, not because you need it.

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