Confident Consulting Bundle


Includes all classes from the Confident Consulting series.



  • Laying the Foundation: 10 Foundational Keys that Lead to Success with
    2-7 Year Old Clients. Learn how I utilize my “Prep Work Plan” and build
    connection to increase success rate and decrease tears.
  • Tantrums: How to Work Through Big Emotions When Supporting
    Toddler & Preschool Clients. Learn the process of a tantrum, the why
    behind them, tips to work through them, and how to hold the boundary
    so you can best support parents in the tough moments.
  • Troubleshooting “The Chair Method”: at bedtime, overnight, and for
    naps when using it with Toddlers and Preschoolers. Learn what to do
    when simply sitting in a chair won’t cut it so that you can best guide
    parents through nap protests/transitions, overnight wakes, and early
    morning wakes.

Take home bonuses:
My list of suggested picture books that promote healthy bedtime habits in 2-7 year olds
The Ten Foundational Keys in best preparing your clients for success in checklist form
7 Tactics to work through Tantrums including scripts to use in those tough moments
The 5 Keys to having success with “The Chair Method
The Stoplight Method outline (for nap strikes and Quiet Time implementation)

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