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Who I am

My name is Karen Winter. I’m a certified pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Winter Slumber. 

I provide advice, support, and behavior modification techniques to help families teach their child the skill of independent sleep. 

I work together with families to choose a method that best fits the unique circumstances and desires of that particular family and child. This is not a one size fits all situation. We are all individuals, have unique characteristics, and deserve to get treated this way.


Sleep Transformation Program



Three weeks to independent sleep for 2-7 year olds

Two-Week Sleep Consultation



Ideal for teaching your 3-24 month old independent sleep skills

Why Should I Sleep Train my child?

Good sleep is life changing. Without adequate sleep our brains and our bodies don’t function properly. In adults lack of sleep can show up as irritability, depression, and memory disfunction. In children lack of sleep can cause behavioral problems, physical coordination issues, and decreased immunity. Sleep is so important! We are better people both physically, mentally, and emotionally when our sleep is on track! 

When we bring our newborns home we go through a “fourth trimester” and do everything we can to keep them happy, healthy, and sleeping. Essentially they are still attached to us! We rock, bounce, swaddle, shush, and try every pacifier known to man to help them sleep. This is absolutely necessary! But once these newborns mature into infants, they have the ability to learn how to sleep on their own. They just  need our help to properly teach them this skill. Wouldn’t it be a joy to help your infant (or toddler or preschooler) learn how to sleep independently so that you yourself can get a full night sleep? So that your baby can function better and be happier? So that you can start your to do list (or watch Netflix, ha!) while he/she naps soundly in their crib? This is all possible while supporting them every step of the way!

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